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Symphony Green singer/songwriter, born in San Diego Ca , grew up in Monroe Louisiana from the age of 15 -20. She then moved to LA when her mom passed away at the age of 65, and decided life was short and music was going to make her happy. While in Los Angeles in 2019, Symphony was dm’d by Max Gouse about some records she had written, and from there Symphony Green was signed to Max Gouse publishing company “Scorpion Global” alongside chairman of Sony Big John. She then took her money and developed her music video and recorded her whole project releasing the debut single “Blow Your Mind” February 25th, 2020 as a celebration to her success she has accomplished as a music singer/songwriter. Symphony Green owns her label “Black Gold Regime”, and as and independent artist she plans to do things to build her name and catalog as a singer/songwriter in the music industry utilizing all music stream platforms. Symphony Green second passion is vegan food, the art of creating the plates and dishes, and watching people enjoy the food which brings joy to her heart to watch others eat healthy within today’s environment. Symphony Green has worked with tons of producers from Bangladesh, Rance, 1500 hundred or nothing, and 808 mafia. The list goes on, I’m currently in the studio with Coi Leray , Kash Doll , and being signed to Max Gouse makes it super easy to shop records to the beautiful icy wife Saweetie. #SymphonyGreen